Blender with blender

My blender is getting closer to a finished model. I stil have a few details left like legs. Materials are only halffinished and the background with the tiled wall and the wooden plate is not gona be in the final image. I am going for photorealism. I wonder what you guys think about it so far, be honest but focused please.

I couldnt upload the render for an unknown reason so its a screenshot of the actual render.

now again, the first answer went wrong for the admin.
it is hard to ignore the bricks and the wood .
you have shading issues !
you wonder bout it is so far ? sorry but can you compare it in real live and now look at your image. more i cant say .
i know this i very hard , but it is.
i see an issue on the left side near the glass.
the measurment scale is a nice feature but it looks like an image (it isnt eaven with the model)
im an beginner also and i still hope i see an update

Thank you for answering but please ignore the bricks and the wood. Because they are going to be rewmoved in the final render, i am only interested in feedback on the blender itself.

What kind of shading isue are you referring to, shaders are not the final result so maybe it was too early to go ask for critic.
The measurement tool just looks like its not with the glass…i have uploaded an image form another wiev so that you can see it is. I used a shrinkwrap modifier. Not sure why it looks like that, probly the angle.
I am also curious about that isue on the left side.
I would be grateful if you could specify:)

shaders are importent ! i know im a beginner to but you need to watch some tutorials.!
is there a way to post this image without bricks & wood ?

I am trying to improve the shaders at the moment actually.

Here is a render without the bricks and wood.

A blender within Blender? Why are you trying to make the universe implode???

Just an update. I have worked on the shaders and i am stil looking for critique.

This critic is indeed quite vague.
I do agree about that you could improve your shading.
Your shading is missing imperfections. The white plastic/metal from the blender is simply white, while in real life, even brand new blenders, have little scratches, sublte bump and small difference in glossiness.
If you would add this your materials will look much better.

This is the same for your wood material. The tiles already look great.
I would actually keep that background, instead of getting rid of the background.

Your modeling is great btw:)

Looking forward to any progression.