Blender with CAD-Capabilities


after some crawling through the web I found some pages providing addons for Blender capable of CAD-Capabilites, such as BlenderCAD on sourceforge and so on. (
Does anyone have further information about this?

My goal is to model a simple 3D Object in Blender and get Blender to deliver me a developlable surface. These models won’t be 3D-printed but merely folded out of metal.

I think it is difficult to get Blender to draw me measurements on the edges, but this would be easy in a CAD-Viewer.
I just want to get rid of double workload for building a model, because I render them in Blender.

If you haven’t got a solution with an addon for me, maybe you have another Idea, or just a thread where such a question has already been answered.

Thank you in advance

Not the final solution but nevertheless very helpful, thank you :slight_smile: