Blender with Corona Standalone (BETA)

Their denoiser works so well, easy to tweak and fast! I don’t know what CPU he is using, 1min 30s for such a render, that’s impressive.

Denoiser is just a cherry on the top.
What makes the difference is the GI caching.

So what works best between LuxRender and Corona for interior scenes where several interior lights are combined with sky&sun (& possibly hdri)?

When setting up scene in Cycles, where some complex procedural materials could possibly be changed to texture based but others have complex shading (i.e. multiple reflections with separate normals), which one is better for material conversion?

Similarly for lighting. In Cycles I use several big plane lights to help GI and spotlights for spots obviously. The movie indicates few light types are supported. Is light conversion handled automatically or do I have to relight my scenes?

1min 30s for that is just insane.

Link from video:

It is still in eary stage. Export is obj … too slow on larger scenes. There are no IPR. Also linked libraries are not working. Anyway nice to see it is brought from death.

Corona render looks sweet. It would be cool import an rendered image (and necessary caches) inside corona app and do the after effects there.