Blender with Intel HD 4600 GPU

I recently got a new system that has an integrated Intel HD 4600 GPU. Now, when I open scenes (even simple ones) my rotate tool does not function properly. If I try to click on the rotation gizmo, it instead grabs the object and moves it, instead of rotating on that axis. Also, it is very unresponsive and sometime takes several seconds for a selection to actually become selected.

I tried opening the same file on a different computer and it works fine. I also tried using my GTX 690 as the display on this computer and it also works fine. I wanted the integrated GPU so that my GTX 690 is just dedicated for rendering.

I have the most recent drivers installed.

Has anyone else had any similar problems with the Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics?

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi, I have HD 4000 and it work very well with Blender on my Win 8 system.
I install the latest driver by myself, windows update driver was not the latest.

Cheers, mib.