Blender with TNT2 pro

I downloaded a newest drivers for Nvidia riva TNT2 pro from
and then my blender 2.23 crashes every time when I tried to
render??? :frowning:
My OS is Windows 98…

What would help?? :-?


i had the same problem (same card/OS as you) and had to go back to my old drivers to sort it out - shame cos i wanted to change my gamma settings . . . aaaaargh

ok i’ve got the same card on xp and blender frezes and my system has to be restarted…it did the same thing after updating the newest drivers
and when going back to the old ones it crashes

use version of the driver… It’s the only one I’ve found that works at all…

Sadly, you will probably have random lockups with blender when editing a scene (anything that changes the 3d view…)

Have not figured out how to stop it and it only happens in blender…