Blender with ZoomText

I have downloaded Blender 2.48a and Python 2.6 Installation went fine.

I use ZoomText v9.1.x.x in dual monitor mode with two 22" monitors to assist in my retinal atrophy.

With ZT running, the pointer drags a trail of a square where the pointer began motion around the screen. This makes the screen unreadable as the ‘square’ covers whatever is beneath it. I have the same problem with Google Earth, Google Sketch-up, and various 3-D CAD programs I have downloaded.

I have turned off OpenGL and acceleration to no avail. My Graphics Driver is from ATI and I see in a post that this may be an issue. However, the program seems to run fine with ZoomText turned off. (Reported by a sighted user on my system.)

Does anyone have a clue. I really need a 3-D application, though I am looking more for an AutoCad or TurboCad analog that I can DL for free to stretch my VA Pension until I can find my way into another future. (Looking at 3-D Printer Applications as a new venture.)

Will appreciate any input and will try just about any possible fix. If anyone is really interested, the can download a trial version of ZoomText at and run it with Blender to see what it does and maybe offer me a fix.

Kelly :cool: [email protected]