Blender won't animate HD videos?!

Why can’t I animate a video in HD? Anything bigger then 800x600 (to my knowledge) doesn’t animate. I click ANIM and it stays on frame 1. Doesn’t move.

I think you mean render. i render in HD all the time, in all of its flavors. what does your console say?

You may find it beneficial to increase your available memory settings. The defaults may be limiting.

this happened to me

are you trying to render an old file?

just check to see that you are saving to a location that exists and you have permission

it fixed it for me

You can downlaod 1 second HD mov created in Blender from here 1920x1080.

considering youtube for future uploads of video tutorials. HD tests at

Well, thanks guys.

No, I don’t mean render. I mean animate (rendering), not stills.