Blender won't launch

Blender will not launch on my machine.

Windows 8.1
Intel Core i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10ghz
Ram: 12gb
64-bit OS

This is the message I get when launching:

‘Your graphics card or driver has limited support.
It may work, but with issues.

Newer graphics drivers may be available to improve Blender support.’

Graphics card:
Intel HD Graphics 4600 4.3.0 – Build

It gives me the option to launch anyway…but nothing happens.
The screen simply disappears.

It appears I have the latest drivers for my graphics card.
Would I have to update my card for Blender to launch?


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Dont know is this helps,

Also, maybe starting from commandline will give more clues.

To open a terminal window in Windows 10 (not sure about win 8), click your windows (start menu) button (bottom left) then just type ‘cmd’ (with out quotes), that will open a terminal window.

Next key in ‘cd {path to blender folder}’ hit enter (if your blender path has any spaces in it, wrap the path in double quotes)
I have an extra command cause my install is on a different drive, but the red arrow is what you want to do (your will probably start with C : \ > )…

Next key in ‘blender’ (with out quotes) and hit enter.

Thanks, but that brings-up the same window…



When launching from commandline, is there any info in the commandline window during the launch and also after Blender shuts down ?

This is in the cmd window:

Blender 2

i just wondering - is blender 3 working on HD 4600?
HD4600 support OpenGL 4.3 conform this -

someone can confirm that blender 3.0 is working on it?