Blender won't open file

So I a new user to ubuntu and am having issues with my screen going blank when I plug in a second monitor to my laptop. The only way to see anything is to restart the computer, an action only possible to me, through a forced shutdown. Well I had to do this moments ago and when I tried to open the blender file I was working it gave me a few errors and refused. I have spent some time on this particular file and I will be loosing a lot if I cannot retrieve the script I was working on.

Does anyone understand these error messages enough to get back the script I was working on? I don’t need anything else, just the scripts. I tried the “File>recover last session” method, which has never worked even once and didn’t work this time either. I also tried the back up file I have it create when I save, and that gave me these same errors.

The file is most certainly a blender file. The only thing I can think of is somehow the file got corrupted during my forced shutdown. can the script code be extracted?

When I tried to upload the file for you all to see, it gives me this error

Thanks for any help…

Blender creates backups automatically every 5 minutes (by default), there should be a file called “building blocks.blend1” try opening that with blender. If that does not work you could open the blend file with a text editor, and search for the text. But there will be extra charters in there that you will need to delete. If you can find a way to upload the blend file I will see what I can do.

Thanks, I tried that. I used gedit from my ubuntu’s command prompt to try and open each of them, and both were blank. It says that the file size is 0kb anyway, so I am assuming all is lost. I think it erased everything because when the screen went blank I hit ctrl-W and then rmb-click to do a blind save, then did the forced shut down. It might be that it was in the process of the save when I killed it or something along those lines, I don’t know.

Anyway, I have started rebuilding the script from memory and saving manual backups at major stopping points. I wonder if there is some way blender can be improved in this area? I am asking because I am unfortunately not yet skilled enough to contribute myself. I know that I can set the number of autosaves and the time frame between them, but if both the file and the backup were lost this time, what does that really gain me in the future event that this happens again?

Thanks for your help

PS by the way, I like your name John316, I assume that means you believe in Christ? Me too, once I learn enough I plan to make some games that align more with Christian morals than those on the market today. Here’s for planning big and seeing what God will do.
Matthew 5:13-16