blender wont open large images

i tryed poping in an image that was 1920x1080 and it didnt work… i tried one that is 400x2250 and it didnt work… i MADE an image in the uv image editor with paint mode… AND IT DOESNT TAKE!!! if i refresh, all my work in the uv image editor is gone… images just simply dont import outside of blender.

periodically it works, other times it doesnt… does anyone know why!? further more… how can i fix this… im trying to import an HDRi map for cycles and it cant even import a simple .png

Hmm, I just tried in a svn trunk compiled blender from today and a 2560x1600 image loaded just fine here. Did you compile blender yourself and maybe not enable something? Or maybe this is a download from graphicall? Might also be worth looking in the console to see if you see any errors show up when you try to load the image. Also, if you are on linux, what does “file <filename.ext>” report?

Hope that helps!

compiled myself… ive had this issue since 2.49b… it happens with precompiled and self compiled alike. im not sure what i would enable… i will take a look at the console and see if i see anything. thank you for the reply, and i hope im able to do mi part so u all can help me

does anyone know why!?

I just reported a bug that got fixed which was preventing image from loading.
Here is the scenario. I have a mesh so I add a Generated texture to it. That shows up fine. Then I click on Replace Image and try to load my image and it fails repeatedly. The bug is that if your image type is already Generated, you can not load an image until you change the type from Generated to Still image.

This may not be your issue, but it confused me quite a bit and I thought I would throw it out there in case you are in the same boat.