Blender won't render

so i made a big project using my potato pc (ryzen 3 3200g 8gb RAM),then i tried to render it but it won’t render but instead it closes blender. i searched for 3 hrs straight on how to resolve this problem and nothing is showing up:( pls help me.

Most likely you are running out of RAM or VRAM (if you use GPU for rendering), check memory usage in task manager. This may be hard to get over without hardware upgrade but try to do the following before hitting render:

  • hide layers with complex geometry (or even all of them, hiding objects/layers in viewport doesn’t affect final render).
  • switch viewport to wireframe,
  • save, close Blender and open the scene again just before rendering,
  • enable “Save buffers” in rendering options (Final render tab)
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The blender docs also have some useful info about crashes, and how to avoid them.

uhh where can i find the “save buffers”

i tried it a couple of times but unfortunately it didn’t work but still thank you for the tip!

You might also try to check at which point the scene crashes - starting with just a couple of scene’s objects/layers enabled for rendering. If it doesn’t crash, then try to enable more objects/layers and rener again, repeat until the render crashes - that can give a clue about which object(s) cause the problem or are just too complex.