Blender won't run....

Okay, this is sort of aimed at the GE people, but I ran a game on Blender, and then stopped it, closed Blender, and tried to open it again. It gave me a decision to send an error report to Windows, or to debug, or to not send it. I clicked “Don’t Send.” The thing is, this happens whenever I try to open up blender (v.2.44). This has never happened before…

Are you using Windows?

Yah, I’m using Windows XP 2006.

That’s your problem.


Nah. I’m using Windows XP right now myself.

Try rebooting your computer. Sometimes that solves everything.

Yah, I already tried that…come to think of it though, everything is also running really slow. I did a ton of fluid sims, and that probably ate away a ton of my RAM…

Try going into the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel, uninstalling Blender COMPLETELY, Then reinstalling it. Sometimes this works.