Blender wont work

hi all. i am not unnecessarily a noob to blender but i have problems. i was not sure what thread to post this in but i was desperate to get blender running. ok i was starting a project on my imac G5 with OSX 10.4. i was using the latest version of blender 4.45 i went away to gather some food. when i cam back the notice that tells you to restart the computer was up. so i restarted the computer as instructed. when it was back up i tried to run blender again, i saw the window open and it was gray for like a second the blender quit unexpectedly. every time blender is open it shows the same thing. i tried deleting all the blender app files (not .blends) and installing another blender on it. no luck. so then i decided to i introduce blender 2.43. but still no luck. please please please some help.


also i just tried blender on my other computer also a mac(much to slow for real blenderering). blender works fine but the project i was working on now is apparently not a .blend file. damn. i cannot use blender on my imac still…

I dont know MACs very well as i preffer computers that work… (lol, sorry, couldnt help myself)

Do macs have unistall. If so, uninstall it as opposed to just deleting the files.
Windows has a registry where details of programms are stored, find the equivelent on mac and remove any mention of blender then re-install. reboot between all uninstall and re-installs.

As far as you project goes, I would think it is corrupt and I don;t think there is much you can do.
I have had this happen to a file where blender would crash if I tried to view the UVmap stuff.
I currently have a file that seems to work fine until I try to render it… then it crashes blender. Im slowly deleting stuff from the project until I can render it but so far, nothing is working… so I dont think its an object in the .blend, its the .blend itself is stuffed.

have you tried running an optimized build for your ppc mac from ?