blender wont work

blender doesn’t work on my computer, it used to work but now it doesnt. blender still works on my other computer so I can still do blender stuff but I use the one that blender doesn’t work on more.

things ive tried but didnt work
download an older version
download python
uninstall blender and reinstall

i wasn’t sure what forum to put this question in so i put it here

What is your operating system?

windows xp professional

“Wont work” could mean a lot of things, but I’ll suggest that you delete your .b.blend file, and see if it starts then.

I AM guessing that “don’t work” means won’t start.

I use Windows XP and Blender works fine.

Do you mean Blender won’t launch?
Do you mean Blender launches, but then crashes?
Are there any console messages?

heres what happens

i click on the on the icon and the console comes up but not blender. An error message comes up too with that send/dont send thing

I installed python so I dont know why it wont recognize it.

You gotta install Python 2.5. The latest one doesnt work with blender. Also Blender doesnt need python to run.

That error message is harmless, Blender should be “continuing happily”.

The “Send/Don’t Send” thingy is Windows’ own crazy bug report program. Personally, I have it disabled in Windows. Microsoft doesn’t care/has no business about Blender.

Have you installed this?:
as recommended by for all you poor Windows users.

I also did a search on my computer for b.blend and found nothing

EDIT: I did download that c++ thing

I also dont have b.blend file in blender directory, but blender works. Try using blender from zip file. The one that doesnt require installation.

i used the zip file and it still doesnt work

I think you should try to update you video card driver.

Guys… it’s .b.blend (note the leading dot), and it is a hidden file so it won’t show up in a search.
It is the file that records your user defaults - you know, the file that shows when you launch Blender.
View hidden files to find it.

But he’s on Windows, and as far as I know, Windows does not hide .files

I know what you are talking about and its simply not there.

Ok I found it.

It was under C:\Users\Zanos\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender

Its not in program files.

Windows does hide files if its set to hide them.

egen is right windows amongst the rest of it’s nonstandard stuff does not hide .files. Now your problem I am clueless about because it’s running fine on mine.

i did a search for hidden files and found nothing

I doubt that it is your .b.blend file. Blender will recreate it if it is not there. In fact that is how you get back to the default. I would wipe out all python installs. Wipe out all blender installs. Wipe out the directories for blender and python in your programs directory. Clear it all out and download a fresh installer. If you are prompted for Python ignor it until you can confirm that Blender is running OK