Blender work on international television

EWTN, the global Catholic Network will begin airing a Rosary with Mother Angelica on March 1st. The open for this show, was done by me in Blender. It will air all over the planet. If you see it, let me know!

Today the television tomorrow the cinema!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah, we’re hitting the big time now!, Way to go.

dont get over-excited… %| - but im still happy blender made it that far!

Cool! I once used blender in a national TV-program, but the animation never got broadcasted :< . Good luck in the future!

as they say… all big things start small.

blender will conquer the globe.


I’ve done some animated graphics in a few national TV commericals!

Hey! EWTN is Broadcast here in Birmingham where I live!

Actually, EWTN is not only broadcast in Birminham, it’s headquartered there too. Go take the tour! When I did the open for EWTN, I lived in Birminham (I’ve since taken a new job and moved). If anyone sees the open, let me know!