Blender Workshop at my University!

I just held a two hour Blender workshop at my university, UTA. We had a better than expected turnout, around 40 people (only 24 computers in the lab, whoops!). If you live in the DFW area and would like to contribute or visit, you are welcome to attend the next one (which isn’t scheduled yet.)

Elysiun is great, but I like to have face to face conversations (hence my super low post count). I also pushed hard to promote elysiun as well, so you might be seeing them soon (like we need more newbies on the forum :D). I hope this will become a successful program.

Nice success. :slight_smile:
I wish you the best.


Nice, I wish the students at my school (Milwaukee Area Tech. College) were less into 3dS Max. :x Maybe I could help open up the door. What did you teach? Modeling, basics, animation or all of them?

Great Job!

My school (UVSC) is into Max as well. But I’ve been doing my best to promote Blender (and a little bit of LightWave as well) in my classes. I’m sure I’ll get around to creating a Blender workshop when I have more time.

When I tell people I’m into 3D they usually ask, “Maya or Max?” as if those are the only two options. So irritating. %|

I am interested in attending the next meeting. I’ve never met any other Blenderheads before. Please let me/us know when the next one will be!

My school is into the Lightwave/Max/Maya trio too. It’s nice to despell the myth that they are the only programs worth using though. I think one of the main reasons they use them are because they’re the only ones they hear about.

I covered very basic modeling, materials, lighting, camera, and rendering. Pretty much just enough to get them going by themselves. It took me about a minute to do it by myself, but it took two hours to explain it all.

I also supplied a survey and all the ones I got back rated the workshop a 10 out of 10 in usefulness except for one or two 8’s and 9’s. So I think I covered just enough to not lose people during the event.

Stop with the school abbreviations, unless you think me saying I go to OSU in Stillh20, OK is fine and perfectly understandable.

Yes sir! %|

UVSC = Utah Valley State College (Soon to go University)