Blender workshop in Vancouver


For information and registration, visit


Great news!

I am currently studying in Vancouver and I would definetly attend (also since it is exactly in my summer break).

I will also ask some classmates of mine if they are interested. I’ll let you know.


Edit: Before I ask them - will the workshop be for beginners or is it rather for advanced users?

Wow, great news! I was just there in May, I wish I could be there for this workshop.

MasterDomino, I’ll give you a medal if you round up more than 10 people :smiley:

My reply to your question is posted in the first post.

If it is targeted towards intermediate to advanced users, I don’t think I would find anybody else to join me, since I don’t know any blender users here yet.

But if you speak about “promoting the software”, I think that would be rather something for people who are completely new to Blender.

Either way, I would attend (since I am hopefully considered intermediate…)

Would it cost something, and if so how much?


As long as its not on a Weekend I would like to attend.


It will be great !

I hope more people (maybe from Seattle or other cities) could attend.

Wow, a workshop by Mike Pan … for free ???
Welcome to America, the opportunity land :smiley:

Anyways, if you want to extend the FAQ:
Idioms for questions:
English and PORTUGUESE, hehehehe

Haha, in case people haven’t caught on, dfelinto is already in Vancouver and will be co-hosting the workshop with me.

i would love to attend but i’m in guelph, ontario :frowning:

any news on a possible date? I’ve been mentioning this to people and they’re interested when you are planing on doing this.

Anyway, good luck with everything, i look forward to this!

Date will be highly dependent on when people have the time. But I think it will take place sometime late august. Please do post this around, and let me know how many people you can gather together so that we have a rough estimate on the head count.

How many people I can gather depends pretty much, if the workshop is really just for intermediate and advanced users or not. Do you have decided yet?

If it is just for those users, it could just gather myself, if it is an introduction for beginners I could start asking around and might convince 3-4 people.


Count me in.

Count me in too!

But please make it on a weekend.

Mikahl and Tamarin, nice to hear! it would be nice to see what sort of level you guys are at, and the sort of things you want to learn.

My mom says if Mikahl and Tamarin are allowed to go, I can go too!

I’m open to whatever topic you choose. My interest is in low poly game models. Any texture/normal mapping, GLSL in BGE, python scripting, character rigging, game model exporting would interest me. I’d prefer to tackle something challenging, or we could drink beer, either way.

I would also be open for everything. Animation, compositor, rigging, BGE, advanced materials, whatever it is, I’m pretty sure there is a lot to learn for me with every topic. What might also be interesting are maybe genereal things like workflow, general project oranization, storyboarding and such things. Whatever we do, for me one of the main things also is to meet other blender users in this area here, it will probably be fun. And maybe you even meet some guys you wanna do a little project with, who knows?

Not really sure about my skill level, something intermediate maybe, I guess this rather old thread of mine might give an idea:

Looking forward to meeting you guys!


cool, I’ll definitely be there. Would it be at UBC?

If you are attending, please register at