Blender workshop in Zagreb, Croatia

Free Blender Workshop in Zagreb/Croatia

On first weekend of November (1&2.11.2008)
Multimedia Institute, ULUPUH and pr0be
will organize a Blender introduction workshop.
Basic concepts and practical skills in segments will
be exercised in order to support further self-learning
process of individuals in modeling, sequencing,
post-production and logic-programing.

Presentation of Blender will be held to days before in
net.culture club “MaMa” - which will be used also to instigate
forming of Blender user group in Croatia.
Workshop is organized as a part of a CreativeClusters project
focused on researching, presenting, informing & educating
on AV FLOSS tools (Blender, Processing and PD),
their communities, ways of self organizing and co-producing work.
Costs of workshop are subsidized by Croatian Ministry of Culture and
city of Zagreb.