Blender World Cup 2009 Entries are In

Hi everyone, the BWC entries are in for all the view: There is some pretty cool stuff in there.

This thread can be used for any comments on the entries, feedback for the contest, and trying to guess who might win this year.

Good luck to everybody. I think it’s pretty clear i haven’t won :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, next year. Same theme, just different composition :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally i think “The Tyrant” is superb, but i also like “Flying Army”.

One thing. Everybody next year please render in some multiple of 1920*1080 so i can have it on my desktop background. (Windows 7 slideshow background. I already have some entrys).

Woohoo :smiley:
my favorites are:
Frog King(foCus)
Udder World(mookie)
From Another World(Dimetrii)

the contest was really fun, although I really hope it’ll begin sooner next year - I think more of us would have more free time over the summer to work on it

good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Awesome work everyone! I wish I had time to join in, but I enjoyed following everyone’s progress none the less.

My favorites are (in no particular order):

Udder World - for a great concept, good execution and a clever title.

Floating - for exceptional execution. Congcong, you are an exceptional artist! I would have liked to see a more original concept though. Your image is too similar to your reference IMHO.

From Another World - Great work as always Dimetrii

A Hero’s Journey - for sheer scale and ammount of detail. Amazing work all around, but a little cliche IMHO.

Titanian Sun - for a good concept, composition and realisaton. A little too monochrome for my taste, but still good.

I can’t wait for next year :slight_smile:

Yeah nice job everyone! I think its obvious that i havnt one either lol. My favorites are Floating and The Tyrant.

Know the feeling you have a GREAT idea just when the deadline is over?
Well, thats life.

I liked the most:
From Another World
Twin planets
Udder World.

Hope you all enjoyed it!!

(No. I don’t think I have a chance)

WOW!! all greats works!!! Blender RuLez!!

Yeah, Earlier next year, June to August perhaps (like it should be)!

Thanks to everyone who entered and made it yet another worth while year to host the competition, there is some fantastic work there and i really hope you are proud of the entries you submitted nomatter what the results come back as.

unlike last year where the winning entry was miles ahead of the others this years are closer together my favs thus far

  1. Dimetrii from another world - great composition, modeling and lighting and the story telling is perfect; though if you have watched the gods’ must be crazy it losses a bit on the originality points, this is my pick for first place.

  2. My pic for second will be jeepster’s entry, though I think the scales are a bit of so at times I feel like am looking at pieces of images plonked together but not quiet geling as a whole, though its a winner in terms of mood and story telling.

3.Congcong009 pic would have been my first pick for a winner but the side by side rendering of the picture turns what should have been a stellar image into a gimmack, one render should have been enough so I would place as number 3.

padfoot7726, twinplanets and the udderworld entries are also pretty good and I feel could easily steal third

Those are my picks; it will be interesting to see what the judges will pick though.

Wow, I particularly like Floating, that’s really captivating

Anyway, when will the judging end? I want my prize :D.

Some great entries, but my personal favorite is Twin Planets, mostly because it relates to a situation I am in currently :slight_smile:

I liked floating the best, but in my opinion it’s a crying shame he/she put two versions right next to each other. It kills everything. I understand being torn by two versions after you put so much time into something but c’mon… that is no solution. The night-ish one is extremely super duper awesome and the daytime one is extremely super duper uber awesome… but now they are both turned into some kind of version test and not a finalized composition.

It would be like recording a song, making two mixes that are very close, and then putting the two mixes back to back on the album just because you can’t friggen make a decision. That’s just confusing!

I too like floating, but I disagree, I think the day/night concept is cool, it inspired me to try that one day. In this piece it represents time, at least to me. She/It is carrying this city day and night.

Hah i suppose that’s one way to look at it. I think there are tons of better ways to convey that, and I’m almost certain the artist didn’t mean it that way and was in fact torn between two versions and chose to put them both because he couldn’t decide. I’m basing this off a cgtalk thread where he had posted it and it was originally just the one composition and then later posted a few different version.

From Another World(Dimetrii) is my favorite piece of artwork out of them all. I also think it most represents the topic. Good luck to everyone involved in the competition!

so any time line on when the results are coming out. Month end approachs and still no word

Totally professional, I like them all. Realism is strong in their work.

The results are out:

I will be honest in saying that there were more entries this year that deserved prizes than we could give out.

cool! congrats everyone
does everyone get feedback from the judges or did they just pick who got 1st, 2nd, 3rd…etc.?