Blender World Cup 2010 woodworm club

Hi! I’m going to make an old radio that is being used as a night club by woodworms.


That looks nice already!

Small update.


nice lookiong

what is the nax date
is it already finish ?

if not where do you register for this ?


Very nice, can’t wait to see it finished. Everything looks great, the bristles on the broom are particularly impressive to me. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the comments. RickyBlender - you’ll find an information about the contest here -

I doubt if I’ll finish it on time. Anyway here come the first textures!


looking great as a new old radio

but contest requires that it looks old
so keep this one but make a copy and then began aging the radio
add some wear and tears here and there may be texture painting to add some scratches or use sculpt to give it good scratches and some paint color variation

old look are not easy to do so experiment and see results

may be a coffee stain on top !

and thanks for the link contest max date is 1 August
don’t know if i can present an old looking radio too!

good luck
happy 2.5

ANother texture update (don’t look at the sulphur! It’ll be replaced by another texture)!


Because I won’t finish this work for Yaf(a)ray contest I decided to send it for this year’s BWC. Here’s another update!

Uploaded with

I must say I’m really impressed by the details, especially the leather band. The powercord looks a little off though, I think it would look better if it wasn’t so ‘straight’; now it’s 2 90 degree turns instead of an ‘S’- shape most cables make when layed down like that.

really nice work!

.CID - you mean the cable from the radio? Hmm, I think it’s OK but I’ll take a closer look at it. Thanks!

Another radio up; time for other models.

The main character - drunk bug leaving night club. First stage of modelling.

great job so far!

Another small update; I’ve cganged lightning, matchbox texture, added a cork. Hope you like it! Only 3-4 models more and I’m done!


Tiny update.


OK it’s almost done. A few beetles more, some smaller details and postpro.


looking awesome!
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wow that is great! :smiley: the only crit i would have is that the red light looks like its burning inside, maybe try to go for more of a blacklight effect?

wow thats really detailed!!! the only thing is that the nail in the front doesnt meet the wood nicely