Blender World Forge problem

im trying out bwf…im pretty new to blender…and im trying to create earth. i just loaded world.bwf and i get a rough sphere. can anybody tell me how to get an exact replica of earth? or a realistic looking planet?

Worldforge does not work like that, it is for producing 3d land models/terrains you can make rolling hills or spiky mountains, you can even make rock/ astroids.

If you want to make a replica earth then make a sphere and find some texture maps of planets and earth, also do a search on this forum for earth models and making planets.

Hope it helps.


ok… i misjudged the use of bwf.

thanks anyway. hope fligh can give some links like he always does.

I’m in Pennsylvania on my mother-in-law’s windup computer at the moment. Be back on Tuesday.


no its alright i got it to work. just a simple sphere and texture of NASA.