Blender World Forge script error

Hullo again…

I got the Blender World Forge script… but when i run it, is says:

“Error: Python Script Error, Check console”

This is the part that the text window highlights:

from xml.sax.handler import ContentHandler
import xml.sax
import sys

now… unfortunatly, i dont know ANY python scriting, so im kinda lost…

any suggestions…?


any suggestions…?

Yeah, check the console and see what it says.

/me guesses you don’t have the xml module. But then I can’t see your console and the error msg thereon.

i’ll bet he gets
" Traceback <most recent caal last>:
File “”, line 236, in ?
ImportError: No module named xml.sax.handler"

cause thats the problem i have

python 2.2
blender 2.35[edit:<- nobody noticed!2.34]

any help?

Assuming you have the xml.sax module installed ( I think it is part of regular python, it is on mine ), make sure your module path points to it.

from inside a blender script:

import sys
print sys.path

THat module is part of the standard Python install

but you need a full Python install exactly matching the python distro used to build blender


so what exact distro was used on blender 2.34?