Blender World Forge

im a newbie to blender and most certainly to blender’s scripts. i can get around blender, and im completed some tuts, and i finally think im ready for my 1st project. i was wondering what the Blende World Forge script does, is ther a tutorial out there, is it still being developed. im working on an underwater scene, and i don’t know if it will be of any use to me with this project, but i want to create landscapes, similar to Vue 6 Infinite, and i was hoping this script might expedite the process. any and all help regarding landscape type scripts is appreciated.

many thanks

It is mostly a fractal terrain generator.

Where did you find the script? If you go get it at Stephano’s site
that should give you a ZIP with an 18 pages PDF that’ll tell you as much as any of us can…

Have fun.