blender (writers) block?

hey all

im pretty new to blender, but I am getting better. My problem is I get a sort of writers block for blender. I can’t think of anything very creative that I can make with my level of mdoeling.

how do you advanced users come up with something creative? it always seems that you guys are always pulling something new up everyday! I look to the world around me for inspiration, but I can’t model a lot of the things that come up.

I am beyond reading tutorials about modeling. im just out of ideas.

how do you do it?

It’s called Artist’s Block (or, more specifically, Blender Block). There’s no quick remedy for it. Just grab a blank notebook, or a sheet of paper, and sketch something. Eventually, you’ll have drawn something that you’re going to want to make in Blender.

kinda helps, but im a doodler, and consider myself artistically challenged in any art that involves anything other than a computer…

Well, in order to do anything really, really good in Blender, you need to have a clear concept of what you want to make. Doing everything straight from your mind is usually not a good idea. Now, grab a pencil and start sketching…

friday13: Hes trying to tell he you he sucks at drawing and wants to know if there is another way around it.

Sorry pal, i’m in the same state your in :confused:

Get over it. If you’re putting ideas to paper, just do the best you can. After all, it’s only there so you can work out the rough spots and remember the idea. If you do it, two things will happen: 1) you’ll get better and 2) you’ll have a decent reference for your ideas.

Saying “I can’t draw” is a lie. You can draw. You just have to put the effort into it. It’s a learned process that anyone can do… especially to get ideas out. Some folks may learn faster than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

Stop using your computer as a crutch.

I understood what he said. I also suck at drawing, but I still have the need create concept art for all the images I’m going to make. You don’t have to be a professional at drawing to be able to put your ideas on paper.

lol thanks guys

im not sure im relying directly on my compter for everything. i’ve never been good at planning things. in school when we were told to do the web organizers, I skipped that part, did the final paper. Most of my ideas are in my mind for that, but ive never really done something like this before. ill try to draw, but its very difficult for me. :frowning:

I’ve read before that doing something you don’t normally do can help.

So if you do a lot of organic modelling, try mechanical for a change (or vice versa).

Or if you do a lot modelling/texturing work on effects or animation for a while.

Sketching always helps like said above, but it can be discouraging at times so try to keep your head up.

you can also try browsing through magazines, write down any image that catches your eye. Keep an ongoing list, maybe a small sketch next to the entry.

Sketches don’t have to be detailed, lol, in fact mine generally incorporate lots of stick figures, blocks, circles and straight lines (ok semi straight lines :stuck_out_tongue: )

that is a quite often asked question and there is no anwser to it you will like as well.

artistic expression is not something which just comes to you. either you have it or not. ofte people do not want to accept that.

also artistic expression needs to be explored and develloped.

all the talk about concept etc is in my opinion just a construction of meaningless words.

there is only one rule: you have something to say or you do not have something to say.

and that will decide about the success of your project.
however sometimes you do something good without knowing it because what is in you is yet not discovered.

for new artists i think that is the biggest strugle. but one way might be to first sharped your craftmanship. the conceptual potention can only be develloped when you can controll the tool. so learn blender. find work that interests you, digital, or natural objects and recreate them. but for that you have to learn to see through analysing what you see and to decide how to replicate that.

thats a process of years unfortunately.

and to battle the artistic block there is one way to get out of it:
work produces work, it will you just have to accept the outcome!

The idea is always the hardest part. Once you have the idea, everything from there on is just problem solving.

Take a look at the Elysiun Weekend Challenge forum and have a go - the idea is given to you and you just have to interpret it, visualise it then make it. There should be a new challenge posted within 48 hours as I write this so keep an eye out for it and just have a go. You might not get it finished, you might produce a winner. Who cares? As Nike would say - just do it. :slight_smile: If you’re into animation, there’s also the animation challenge or the ever-popular 10secondclub animation challenges.

And stop saying you can’t draw! Next thing you’ll be saying you can’t Blender and that’ll be the end of it - and you don’t want that do you? Scribble, sketch, doodle then make something! :wink:

Also, if you’ve nothing better to do, just remake something someone else made - without a tutorial or wireframe - and see how close you get.

I am the same way :stuck_out_tongue: I also have “blender block” quite a bit. I was once told to make things that are on my desk/wherever I am.

do what is around you does not work directly.
the key is that you have to model objects you feel
connected to. you need to be interested in it.
otherwise you are just doing labor work.

btw betty edwards book:

is quite a good book. in contrast to many opinions drawing is not an artistic
gift. drawing is seeing is a technique. and either you sit down an train it or you dont. thats all to it. this book unlocks this big misconception and gives good step by step hints and how to train you eye so you know what to draw because most people who cannot draw just do not see and thus do not know!

I think in addition to this, that people tend to compare what they’ve drawn with the work of others (usually others who’ve “learned” the techniques and are thot of as “masters”). Immediately they become discouraged & disillusioned, because their work doesn’t “look as good” as what they’re comparing it to.

I submit that until you can embrace the notion that your drawing is for you alone and that it only exists to achieve a higher purpose, be that self-expression, or as a reference for other work, or just to “work out the rough spots and remember the idea” or whatever, you’ll never overcome the “penis-envy” (ie. his is bigger/better than mine) of artwork.

However, I think what you’re really addressing here is “creativity block”. A lot of people get the idea in their head that they’re not creative. I think this is a crock - everyone is creative on some level. Otherwise their gene-pool would have dried up long ago - it takes creativity just to survive in life! Just for you to overcome your block will take creativity!

While we’re recommending books, I have a great one: The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley. Its an excellent read, talking about how the design firm IDEO approaches the challenge of inspiration for innovation. Get it.

I’m living breathing proof that artistic natural-born talent is a lie. During school many years ago I was rubbish at art, but I found it interesting and slowly I started to improve to the point that I was quite good.

Skipping to today, years after that, and without drawing anymore, I’m completely useless again. Couldn’t draw anything to save my life.

But I know if I started learning again I could be great again :slight_smile:

Its all about determination and patience. Sure others learn faster but I wouldn’t interpret that to mean they have more skill than me or anyone else.

I like to check out the modest pictures on cgtalk’s choice gallery. I think that when you view a lot of really great work, you kind of get into the mindset of creating really great work and it raises your standards. It has for me, anyway.

In response to Mr Man’s initial question, I’d say to try to avoid worrying about your limited modeling abilities, and focus on improving them. When you see something you want to model, don’t think “aw, that’d be nice, but I’m not good enough for that yet”. Say “I’m going to model that.” Then read tutorials, study documentation, post at Elysiun, do whatever you need to to model it. Like magic, your “blender block” will turn into pure, maddening frustration, but the upshot will be that you will greatly improve your modeling abilities and have fewer things that you’re intimidated by.

I don’t know how old you are, but a lot of people in here are pretty young. I think that for people under 20 or so, maybe even quite a bit older, the best thing to do is to not worry at all about the content you’re expressing. Hone your skills. If you have top notch artistic skills ten years from now, you will be fighting off good ideas with a stick.

I don’t know how old you are,

Im 15, just so you know.

thanks for all the feedback. all of it makes sense, but yes, it is very intimidating at the moment. :-?

what is the 10 second animation contest? is it on blender battles or what? I’d really like to get into animation and making long animations are pretty hard at the moment, so 10 seconds should help %|


Check that out here:

Basically, each month they present ten seconds of dialog and people make an animation to match it. It’s not really beginner level stuff… ten seconds isn’t such a short time in animation. But by all means you should try it. You’re bound to learn something.