Blender & WRML animations


I’m new to blender software and i am trying to create human hand/palm model. I found some tutorials on how to make me one… But before i start with hand modeling, i have some questions, hopping to get any answers…

My goal is to create a hand model, that could be seen in vrml viewer. I noticed export to vrm option, so this presents no trouble.

Now the question: is there some way to create a animation with an blender software and same animation is seen in vrml?

hmm… perhaps little confusing…
Let’s say i have a human hand (in fist position) and i’m displaying it in vrml viewer. I would like to do some action on it. I would like to change e.g. finger ‘status’. As some button is pressed, some (ok, it could also be a middle) finger is raised/stretched. In a animated way, so movement of the finger from one position to other is clearly visible.

Could it be done?

Any help would be VERY appreciated!!

Regard, Marko

Hello and welcome
sure, you can done it with Blender
Do you know that Blender have a game engine “inside”
It’s quite similar to VRML
So, follow links and tuts to the game engine/animations

For VRML animation take a look at this thread:

The exporter is developed for the bitmanagement contact vrml viewer.
With a little bit of VRML know how you can remove special nodes, to work with other VRML viewers, too.

Thank you OTO and Conz3D for your quick response!

I hope this is what i need… I’m going to examine this GameEngine you propose.
I’ll reply if this works for me.

Thanx guys!!!