<Blender X RealFlow> Minion Beer Cup !!! Do you want it?

Hey guys I have try to use realflow to make a fluid simalation, and heres are the result!!!!!!:eek:
Mid resolution in realflow,modeling in blender and rendering in blender cycles render~
Anyway hope you love it~It takes 30mins(400Simples) to render with volume absorb.

Poly view

IMHO, with use of such pro grade level fluid simulation SW you should definitely work on more interesting fluid sim. emulate actual pouring of fluid instead of completely straight (artificial) downwards uniform flow (flow looks almost like cylinder with material more than actual fluid sim). Also some splashes and stuff? Just making it more interesting and less plastic…

Materials lighting and modeling are very good. Just the fluid is sub par especially with use of pro grade fluid sim software

Also what i forgot in my previous post. The picture is really really missing some foam. I recommend this one to check how to do that

Thanks for advices! Professional comment! I will try some complex water pouring!

I have little confuse on foam,thanks for tutorial!

Hi maybe first step would be pouring it from the side (imagine pouring from bottle?). Or if you are going for draft beer… then water would be coming directly down but against the side of glass (go to bar and watch how they do it in real life it helps a lot). also stream should not be so huge (the volume of the stream is like from firehose… filling the glass in 1 second) and not directly to center of the glass…
Bubbles and foam will also add definitely to the realism.

Sorry for my poor english

Yes i think the flow are too large! i will try again!