Blender x64 for Windows with ffmpeg support built in

I need a build of Blender 64-bit for Windows with ffmpeg support built into it. I have Win7 x64. I never wrote down where I got the build that I used to use, and now I have to install a new version on my other computer. Can someone please refer me to a working build? :confused:

I might have found a 32-bit build, but it’s still pretty buggy with transcoding:

I’m still looking for one that works. I’m willing to use a 32-bit build if I have to, since it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a performance gain, just so long as it has ffmpeg support built in. The files I use are incoming from HuffyYUV format. Might have found another one:

Ugh. I’m getting sick of how I can’t save any links to builds from I’ll download a build, and it will work great, but then I can’t recommend it to anyone else because the page or the build disappears. Most of the time, the devs don’t embed credit for themselves anywhere in the build, so that information gets lost. It’s particularly bad if I’m trying to give tutorials to people with very specific instructions. They can’t follow along because they don’t have the same build.