blender x64 , python x64, vista x64 and problem

Who know how to instal python in vista because my blender not find him after instalation

What platform are you using? There’s a 64-bit version of Python for AMD processors and for Intel Itanium processor, but I have a Corei7 and there doesn’t seem to be one for that, so I installed the normal 32-bit Python for Windows. Blender is 64-bit on my system. To get Blender to find Python I created an environment variable called PYTHONHOME and set its value to where my Python was (C:\Python25). This might work for you too. Environment variables are set in the System panel under Advanced tab.

OK I instaled 32 bit python and set variable but blender not find python
I have Vista x64 and Intel Core 2 Duo E4300
and here’s foto

averil ---- I found your thread with the same problem and I download x64 python for AMD64 procesor type