Blender/YafRay bug.

Alright, folks, tell me if you’re experiencing the same issue.

When I attempt to render any Blender scene with a duplicated object in it, YafRay does one of two things, neither of which do an awful lot of good. The first is that it renders a lovely black screen :expressionless: , and the second is that it decides to render the last thing that I rendered before I duplicated anything :< . This is very consistent on my computer.

I’m using Mac OSX, Fully updated, with Blender 2.33.

Anyone else? Any suggestions?

Thanks folks.

Oh, and if the offending duplicate is removed from the scene, YafRay works just fine. (Well… fine is relative. It works just like YafRay does, that is.) I’m quite sure that the issue is caused by the duplication.

Not to be a forum rules nazi, but have you checked out “Blender General” before? This isn’t really the right forum for bug reports… you should also maybe ask about it at