Blender + Zbrush sword

Going to add a bump map soon made in zbrush
(Modeling took about 35-40 minutes) made it at a friends when I was bored
going to keep updating with things I do to it,possibly make a scene using it.

First image just finished:

Noticed a few things I needed to fix :

Good work so far with the modeling!
How about a render?
And a view on the entire blade would be nice too!

Thanks for the reply!
here’s my render =)

Wanted a blue blade but it turned out abit too blue, I’ll mess with mats later just basic ones not really too much time into them.


Thats nice.
I think your grip is a bit to thinn and i would love to see more details on the hand protection and blade (Is that what your going to bump?).

Why do you need a program like zbrush for bumpmapping that,
wouldnt it be easier to bump it directly in blender?

Probably would but I’m trying to learn Zbrush abit better.
Also goign to use it for the rest of the scene’s textures and normaps.

lol, thats the way to do it!

the only program thats worth buying (for blender users i mean) is ZBrush and by the development progress of blender id say that eaven ZBrush is starting to lose its meaning but yeah, if then ZBrush.

bout the sword… id agree with mawi on the grip it realy is to thin, as a person that has fight with swordes before i can tell you that this type of a sword does not have this thinn grip, otherwise keep going youre allmost there (by the modeling part, havent seen your texturing skills, yet :wink: