Blender & Zbrush wiki guide

I started up a Blender<->Zbrush guide on Zbrush’s wiki site here:

I figure if there are any other Blender & Zbrush users they can contribute and add to it. And it’s a good resource for those that have any problems importing & exporting between the 2 programs, as that’s mostly what is explained there.

Also the small section on normal maps in Blender requires you to use the Blender build that includes the Tangent space normal maps setting. Which I believe you can download from here:

It’d be nice if others can add sections on Displacement maps, Cavity maps, or anything else you can think of that uses Zbrush stuff in Blender.

great work! i was waiting for this!!!
Has Blender already got the Tangent Space in CVS ? Because the link on the topic you wrote isn’t working anymore

very good idea !

do the real tangent normal maps work yet ? blender renders in 8 bit so alot of zbrushes stuff is lost as I recall .

You can convert a 32 bit TIF from ZBush to EXR to use it in Blender, which seems to work for displacements, so I assume you can do the same for normal maps?

youngbatcat: Yes, they do. But you need a current CVS build, or you can wait for 2.43.


I didn’t need to convert the normal maps to anything, I was able to use the .bmp file that Zbrush exported, also used a .psd file.
I didnt’ do too many tests on the displacement maps however to comment on that.

Displacements work, but not very well. Until Blender can get either sub-pixel displacement, or able to handle 32 bit displacement textures, then they will not work properly.