blender zombie movie

i want to make a blender zombie movie. i have a 2,000$ game laptop so i can render faster. email me at [email protected] if u want to help.:evilgrin:

okay, i sent u an email, but it looks like ur onine, so… any story ideas? and the zombie looks very zombie-like

i did not make it lol i was try to make something like it lol

oh right… oh well, it still looks cool

ive got a desktop mac, so its pretty fast, so i can help with the rendering. Plus ive got an external renderer, so itll also be faster

oh cool i was going to make a website for we can be organized is that ok with u?

perfectly fine, just i have no idea about how to create them. Will it be a forum like thing?

yes it will and what time is it right now in australia

ZOMBIES!!! Story Idea

A supernaturalist type of guy comes to a place he thinks will have plenty of supernatural activity.
He gets more than he barganed for, and finds himself in the middle of a war between zombies and ghosts.
Not sure what the war is about yet, but in the end, the zombies and the ghosts live happily together, and the guy lives with them.

what do u think?

its about 12: 43 lunchtime, not night

what should the web site be called

I’ve got a forum up and running, its

zombieblendermovie, check my url

dan its 10:57 in GA lol

how do u like it?

morning or evening

night and i love the website

Isaiah? u still on the other website?

yes srry i was make something for the movie