Blender & ZoneAlarm 6 - No more Friendship?

Im using the free Version of ZoneAlarm Firewall on a Win2k SP4 System. After updating the Software from 5.x to 6.0667, Blender (only Blender) takes 1 Minute to start. Normally was a couple of Seconds. If i close the Firewall, even i don’t run it after startup the System, has no Effect.
Except, if i block all Internet activity with the ZoneAlarm Firewall. In that Case, Blender starts normally. :o

What happens here? What is Blender doing in the Internet? Why is ZA like a Bloodhound to Blender?
Am i the only one who notices that?

It’s not just Blender, it’s all non-component processes of Windows. I’ve noticed it too (and it’s really annoying).

I’m sure there’s a way to tell ZA to back-off, but I haven’t dinked with it as yet.