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I really like Blender’s modeling system, it seems to beat out all of the other sytems for its ease of use. Many other modelings sytems require you to constantly divert your attention to toolbars to select new functions, even as simple as just moving (Maya), while Blender has all of those nice hotkeys that make modeling so fast.

The only real limitation I see with Blender is it’s rendering engine, both OpenGL and for animation.

I envy many Lightwave features, such as OpenGL transparency, lens flares, reflections, and textures (that don’t need to be UV mapped). It looks like it would make modeling a lot better and easier in some cases. Plus, the realtime output ends up looking a lot closer to the final version with not to much of a hit to the speed because it is all HW accelerated.

I also envy Lightwave’s entire rendering system. real caustics, real radiosity, real reflections, all of the stuff that can make a render so dang real with less effort and less fakes that can fall apart.

Oh well. Lightwave is weak in so many other areas though (modeling and general ease-of-use), I think I will stick with Blender.

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whops! This was supposed to be a reply to the “favorite modeler” topic. Musta done something wrong, or the server messed up.

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Blender can make lensflares, so thats one less feature to envy :smiley:

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I was refering to OpenGL lens flares. You can manipulate them and their settings without rendering test images. yes, I know Blender does lens flares.

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On 2002-03-17 15:30, stephen2002 wrote:
I was refering to OpenGL lens flares. You can manipulate them and their settings without rendering test images.

I’ve never used anything but Blender but, it would seem to me that any accuracy in openGL that must be constantly updated would slow things down. Perhaps if lightwave’s renderer were faster the openGL preview wouldn’t be needed.

I do agree that it would be nice.

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Try messing about with that “Sticky” button that makes textures sticky without resorting to UV editing by hand

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Hmm… never used the sticky button before. Is there a tute somewhere, or could someone just give me a very brief description of how it works.

:slight_smile: pofo

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The sticky button is for texture/uv mapping an object from the camera. If you were gonna build meshes to match a photo and then texture the object with the photo from the camera… another name would be projection mapping.