made this for fun c and c if u want .

its animated :P.

Not bad for something quick, is that transparent thing supposed to be the blender logo, it looks wrong.

yea tis the blender logo dunno why it looks wrong might be the angle?

I really like how you did it!

thanks r2blend :stuck_out_tongue: keep up the coments i like em :D.

The symbol does look a little strange. This is more how it looks:
(I modeled that myself)

But don’t get discouraged. I still like your model, and you don’t have to change a thing.

The logo is a bit misshapen. Time to reuse some things I made in MS Paint:

Your logo (roughly):

What it should be (edit- roughly):

There’s nothing else I can complain about, that’s the only think I see that could/should be fixed.

Jeeves I have seen you use those before.
No idea where but they look familar.
You should implement a enviroment Grimreaper.

They were used to critique the shape of my BlenderMan. They are also sorta incorrect, at leas the second on is. Whereas my BlenderMan had his ‘thingys’ (that’s a technical term, btw) clusterd at the back to evoke hair, this transparent monstrosity has it’s ‘thingys’ scrunched on the back side.

Dud thats nice you need to make more try bigger you know with a tight back ground .

thx GrimDiz i see my family is on the forum :P. ill animate a bigger one and edit the mesh a bit. but for a background what too have?

i think thats excellent! its great for a little splash screen somewhere…I’d use it for a little intro to a presentation or something.
I’d use a very simple background…i think the complaint is against plain blue…but I see it as sleek and professional…you’re meant to watch the logo assembling itself, arent you? I would center it more and maybe put black borders on the top and bottom (letterbox effect) to give it a more professional look.

What exactly are you looking to do? there are so many ways you could go with this…minus the spokes on the logo, I’d say this was almost ready to go.

I was also thinking maybe you might have the logo become opaque after its assembled…its hard to see that its intended to be orange. You might want to have it ‘turn on’ like a light or something…bright orange so we can see the logo as its intended.

Feel free to ignore anything I say…I live with three women, I’m used to it.

ok, ignore that too…

hhhhmmm well i was thinking of having this as a thing at the begginning of my games ive also got it set as my background :smiley: i did animate it to turn orange and the camera go round so it looks 2d but that was a later version but thanks for the coment dude ill tell ya what ill animate it right now.