(darknytte) #1

hey wassup,
ive used blender for about 6 months but im not that good, but this site seems to be very helpful

just a question, how long does it take you guys to do one project, just out of curiosity?


(Orinoco) #2

Depends on the project, your skill level, your artistic ability, and practice. But you already knew that, right?

My projects range from a couple of days to several months, but it’s not steady work. I generally get in sessions of two to four hours, maybe more on weekends if I don’t get distracted by something. A couple of the longest running projects here are LOTRJ’s Stargate, and Wim’s Elisa. On the other hand, Cyborg Dragon knocks out “finished projects” in a day, my guess is he mostly spends the time waiting to see how the renders come out. You can do a forum search (Find threads started by x) to see the results.


(Myke) #3

Oh this has been discussed a few times already :wink:

Anyway, I usually take months to finish my projects. The longest one yet was about 4 months, of course, just as Orinoco said, I’m not working on it daily for hours but still…also, as for me, a lot of time is also needed for planning the project and gathering references, materials, ideas. Or let’s say: to make a concept.


(hessiess) #4

ive been doing 3d for about 6/7 months aswell. spend so much time tweaking my old models (and browsing the web) that i haven’t started anything new in about 5 months, lol. but i have almost completed 1 human carictor and a living room:o


(Zues) #5

Wow sound like me.

You know when cd sees that comment hes gonna come here to defend himself : /
ive known about blender for about two years but i hardly work on it.
Im still on my first project.


(kbot) #6

I’m quite new at Blender too . . . but I am working on a portfolio - I expect it will take about a year to get about 10 Pictures and some sample animation!