Blender1117 Build

Can anyone post a link to Meta Androcto’s Blender1117 build? It ran well on my old PC and I lost all in a recent HD crash. Now I can’t find the build - even on his site.
Any help would be appreciated because I still have the old PC, albeit with a couple of new HD’s.

Thanks in advance.

You can try my build that’s meant to run on old computers here:

A thousand thanks. Saving up for the bits to build a new PC but, my family places undo importance on eating. actually i found a newer one a 1117 just give me a blank white page.

cool, I still use the old build too.
If you look on graphicall, any 2.49b builds by Zebulon have all the extra content too.
So these may be the newest. :slight_smile:

Thanks Meta-Androcto. At the time I dl’d the build I had less than six months with Blender(My join date here is when I started with it). It, wasn’t just the content, it was also the theme and some of the other tweaks. They made Blender a lot easier for me to use.

Thank you too, rdo3. I’ll take a look at those builds. I’m an Old Guy (62) and Meta-Androcto’s 1117 build was just a lot more intuitive for me to use than some of the other builds that I’d tried. i found it on my old harddrive and uploaded it there. but it says it can only be downloaded 10 times.