blender2.35a is out!

some bugs are fixed. download it here:

BOOKA got it.

Yeah! Downloading…

Slashdot attack first thing tomorrow morning? :smiley:

Oh god, this release is sweet… So, what’s up for .36?

maybe better animation system…for character animation :wink: ?

Yee-haw!! Downloading! :smiley:

Now that’s a long-ass changelog.

Nice stuff in it.

Love the face select.

Also, Ctrl -ALt -Shift works again!

Thanks to all who coded all of the changes.

Thanks Blender dev team! And thanks Blender community! We did it again.

I got mine. You gotta love this sweet Blender stuff.

Blend on!

Wonderful news, much thanks to all the devs.

One minor issue: on OS X clicking the maximize button used to blow blender up to the full screen and tuck the window header under the OS menu bar. Did this feature get left out?

All I need now is some free time with which to get caught up.

still here, but now, only if you have a video card with 32 Mb or more. Was causing problems on smaller macs.

Beautiful!! Very impressive changelog (albeit not entirely unsuspected…)

We really need a nice new ‘Tutorial Guide’ book to show of/explain the changes since 2.30

still here, but now, only if you have a video card with 32 Mb or more. Was causing problems on smaller macs.[/quote]

I see. Well, I certainly have a small Mac :expressionless: 400mhzG4, 16mb. What problems was it posing? I didn’t notice anything when I was using CVS.

If I’m not experiencing these problems, is there anyway to overide this graphic card check? Perhaps a patch?

download link takes you to 2.34 page and files that download say 2.34 also.

Everything for everyone lives here:

I you had a big screen on such a small card, blender would not even load, or even hang.

the offending test is in checkAppleVideoCard() from ghostwinlay.c

I test now available VRAM is more than 20 Mb instead of 10.
In the future I will try to test the available FREE ram so that it can run in a configuration like yours.

you can compile your own, no problem. If you cant compile, i can make a special version for you, but not before we are sure this version is sound and works perfectly (1 or 2 weeks). Feel free to PM me if I forgot

thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

ooo yea! thanks coders!

I grabbed the windows installer. This is my first upgrade of Blender. Can somebody give me a few hints as to the best way to install it?

i.e. should I install 2.35 off of the Blender Foundation root directory of 2.34? Would that help me in the event I want to use 2.34? Or utilize texture, model, etc sub-directories for 2.35? Or should I just install over 2.34 … or a complete parallel installation?

There’s probably other questions, but I can’t think of them now.

Thanks ahead of time.

Whew awesome :smiley:
Thanks coders!
I’ve been using a beta build for a while, but beta builds just don’t have the same feel as a official release :smiley: