Blender2.37 Simple Animation, Question & Answer - hopefu

Hey everyone,

I’m doing a simple animation and have run into a snag which hopefully there is a simple solution to.

Animation is supposed to go as follows:

4 key frames - 1-21-41-61 - respectively - all locrot key frames

Animated Object - meshed cube

Frame 1 - Start - fly in on the horizontal plane - left to right to…
Frame 21 - stop - do a 180 rotate on axis to…
Frame 41 - Fly left to right off screen on given horizontal plane to…
Frame 61 - end

The acton part works fine with the exception that i am getting an added 360 degree rebounding loop thing going on the horizontal at frame 21 to 41.

Another words it looks like this on the horizontal (—o---) plus the 180 degree rotate on axis.

  • if you take your finger going left to right - draw across the horizontal plane - when you get to where it is suppose to just stop and rotate, draw in a small downward reverse circle (full 360 reverse loop) and then off screen to the right.

It’s small but very noticable - the rotate 180 is fine. Some where i’m getting a little 360 reverse loop in there and i can not seem to find it to get rid of it.

I’ve redone this beginning animation sequence at least a dozen times with the mesh cube doing 180 degree rotate on each of the axis’s to test it. Each time i still get the little 360 degree reverse curly cue rebounding circle thing happening on the horizontal.

I can’t finish the animation until i get past this simple part or it will screw up the rest of the animation. It’s got to be something simple i’m missing and i’m just not seeing it. I’ve looked at all views and can’t seem to see where it’s coming from in the path.

  • any suggestions as to what is causing it or what to look for that i may not be seeing as the flaw?


I’m not sure exactly what your problem is (I can’t work out your explanation) though I have taken a guess.

Have you looked at the IPO window for your animated cube. I’ve found that when adding in key frames each of them are joined by bezier curves. This has the effect of smoothing the motion of your animation, however, it can also add extra wiggles and movements in that were never intended. I’ve found the only way to deal with them (other then making the IPOs linear) is to manually edit the beziers to even out all the bumps.

Hope this helps

I must have been reading your mind Mr Wonka - iw as working on trying to figure it out and just came back to ask that very question after finding the IPO timeline

  • re-looking at the side view i noticed a slight backward twist in the 180 rotate for the cube - like it was a relaxed contraint or something - I had just pulled up the IPO time line and noticed the curves you mention - but using page up - page down is not changing the key frame selection as it was before - so…? i seem a little further stuck… for the moment. :wink:

I’m going look into the IPO editer further as well as it’s functions as you recomended.

  • by the way can you recommend or anyone recommend a really good tutorial or explaination of the IPO editer functions and related actions to changes with in the IPO editer or shows really cool things that can be done with it that doesn’t assume the user knows how to use it or leaves out steps? lol

by the way - Thanks!

Edit: just came back to let you know that was it Mr. Wonka - once i put it to linear - it tighted the animation right up. no worble no reverse spin - and what a cool little tool to discover as well… :slight_smile:

talk at ya later and thanks again