Blender2.5 How do I make a plane semi-transparent?


Could someone tell me the steps how to make a plane semi-transparent so that I can see my background reference image through it?

I am still very very new to 3d modeling so I haven’t learned most of the commands still yet so you’ll have to explain yourself thoroughly. :slight_smile:

Also I can’t just hit z and use wire-frame. I need to be able to actually -see- my faces.

I know this is possible in earlier versions of blender as the guy does it in my tutorial. However I checked the same option he did… his went semi-transparent. Mine didn’t. What he clicked was the option to apply modifier to editing cage during editmode.

I don’t know if that’s what caused his to go semi-transparent or if he did something to make it go semi-transp and just didn’t say what he did.

I dunno!

Please help if you can! :slight_smile:

ok i tested this and yes Z is the way to go…

let me ask you when you pressed z was you in object mode or edit mode, was you in vertex mode or face mode, in the pic below i am in edit mode and face mode and i see the faces even tho the mesh is transparent and you still see the texture behind

so the commands to get there are edit mode or tab,

or you can watch the screencast i just did, i apologise for the speed i still cant get it to the correct speed

please click

Oh! Haha! I feel kindof silly now. :smiley: blush Thank you for the wonderful screencast! It was very helpful. I was trying z in object mode so that’s why I couldn’t see the faces. Whoopse. :slight_smile: Thank you SO much! :slight_smile:

no worries dude, we are always willing to help.