Blender2.5 is sooo customizable : )

Here is the proof. :smiley:

Blender has had these features for a LONG time. There might be a few more options now, and a new layout, but it’s been in blender for awhile.

goto the very top bar and drag it downwards. there is many options, including theme controls.

You’re right. Blender has had these features. But 2.5 is more flexible and customizable. There are too many options now. It looks more professional.

I made this tutorial espcially for Blender 2.5 newbies. I hope it’ll be useful. :yes:

you can do almost all(if not all) the same stuff in the 2.4 series as well.

If Blender can simulate other apps’ gui… hm… this will rocks the world of 3d I think…

Yeah, making Blender look like Dreamweaver will be the most awesome feature ever in 3D history. I can’t wait!

What I mean…Never mind :smiley:

Here is the 2.5 example:

You can finally get that Max UI you’ve been talking about, and with that you can finally do something professional…

At any rate(seriously), I’m glad you are getting something out of it demohero…

ooooooh, you’re getting more subtle now. Nice.

Someone needs to roll a Random UI script, which runs through all of those options ( even ones that you’ve never heard of ) and sets them to completely random values, taking into account a min / max range if one is indicated. Top points for the best / worst screenshot!

Interesting idea. Would probably just take a fairly simple python script.

I have a python script for 2.4x that does random themes. I can post it up if you want.

Aha, not yet, but almost :wink: