Blender2.5 painting Uv unwrapping

Hi There!!!
I have a problem on the stability using blender alpha2 2.5
Could you Have idea how to painting texturing…
I prepare A uv for HEad and then the uv for leg… UNfortunately I cannot able to do a new texture all togheter!!
Thanks for any help!!

do you mean “able to use the same space for 2 object’s UV” ? in blender in imposbile, yu have to join the object to edit in te same time the uv :frowning:

same problem if you want to paint in the same time on 2 objects :frowning:

I mean that: If you want to have a good head teture… I see there is a possibility to take 3 photo from the face and attach to UV then go to texturing pannel and combine the uv painting in one (If I well remeber is TExturing GLS…):confused:

oh, in this case you can use the new feature for painting direcly in photohsop or gimp or what you want :slight_smile:


This is whet I want to do with Blender 2.5…
Is it possible?

yes, is possible.
check the image :slight_smile: