Blender2.57 doesnt detect installed python 3.2!!!

Blender(2.57) doesnt detect the python 3.2 installed on my Win7. I dont want it to use the bundled python.

I have followed all the instruction from the below link but still it doesnt work.


  1. As @Reekdeb mentioned it below.

  2. I was ignorant and the bundle version is good enough. The reason why it is bundled now was, before there was lot of confusion and newbies faced problems to match the exact version of python with which the blender needed.

Try deleting or renaming the folder named “python” inside folder “2.57” in blender installation folder.
You’re done!!
Restart blender -> Help -> Toggle system console
You will get warning… don’t panic.
Now you can also check that by generating system info from ‘Help’ menu and then check the system info file from text editor.