blender2cal3d plugin question

What file formats are exported by the packaged blender2cal3d plugin?

cal3d is a format, if it is exporting multiple files with different extentions those are just animations and meshes which are part of the format.

@bookeater: do you have any idea what you are talking about?

I didnt get the exporter to work in 2.47.
I got some imvu (cal3d) exporter here:
Which lets you select what parts you want exported.

X or C _SF _AF _MF & _RF in XML or for Soya.
Looks like it can also calculate LODS, have not tried that.

He asked what formats it exported, I answered, it’s one format, but the cal3d exporter I have for example, will export multiple files *.caf *.cmf *.csf