Blender2Crystal plug-in Tutorial

I’ve made an extreme easy Blender2Crystal tutorial for all of thoughs that need one. It’s much, much simpler than the already posted tutorials. Everything… EVERYTHING, is covered. If there are any flaws, please be sure to notify me.

The tutorial starts here…

Author: HyperReal
Date: November/08/08

Setup Tutorial(Windows)
*IMPORTANT: Be sure to do this as administrator.

(Install the following) (Blender v.2.48a) (Python-2.5.1) (PyXML) (Python Image Library) (Blender2Crystal) (CELStart)

*Note: If you are using Windows XP/2k, when installing Blender, be sure to use the installation directory, and not the Application Data directory.
Extract everything in the file under the scripts directory. Usually, under Windows, your scripts directory will be here:

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

If you can not find the *\.blender\scripts, it's because when you installed Blender v.2.48a, you placed these files under Application Data.  To make things less complicated, reinstall Blender v2.48a, and be sure to use the installation directory.  

Extract the file anywhere on your computer.  But, remember exactly where you put it.  For demonstrational purposes, place it on your Desktop.  Inside your pycelstart7.8 folder, it should look like this:

Notice the “cel”, and the “cs” directories within the pycelstart7.8 folder?  Well, you're going to need to set Environment Variables to point at these directories, and I'm going to show you how to do this.  

Under the “TaskBar”, click “Start”.  Then open your Control Panel:

 Now, find “System”, and open it:

Under “System”, find “Advanced system settings” and click it:

       Under “Advanced system settings”, which will actually be called “System Properties” once you've opened it, look for “Environment Variables...” then click it:

Finally, we will create our two Environment variables that will point to the cel directory, and the cs directory. Be sure that you’re running as administrator, because Windows XP does not have Environmental Variables for Limited users. You’re also going to want to follow these steps very carefully.

Under “Environment Variables....”, click “New...” so that we can add some Environment Variables:

After clicking “New…” a window will pop up called “New User Variable”. It will prompt you for “Variable name :”, and “Variable value:”. Under “Variable name :”, type in CEL. Under “Variable value:”, type in the exact location the cel directory is located. For example, mine was located at C:\Users\Edward\Desktop\pycelstart7.8\cel. To find the location of the cel directory, go to your desktop, open pycelstart7.8 directory, then right mouse button click it, then click on “Properties”. Under “Properties”, you’ll find information regarding it’s location:

Now, add another “New...” Environment Variable, except this time, under “Variable name:” type in CRYSTAL, and under “Variable value:” type in the exact location of the cs directory.  Mine was “C:\Users\Edward\Desktop\pycelstart7.8\cs” for example.  

After completing that, you're finished with Environment Variables.  So you can exit absolutely everything out besides this tutorial.  But!  We're still not finished.  

Load Blender, and change the Window Type to Scripts Window.  Then click “Scripts” in the Scripts Window, then click Export, and finally you should see “Crystal Space.  Click it. Hurray!  If you don't see Crystal Space, you've done something wrong.  Now under the Blender Buttons Window, in “Scripts”, make sure to have “Enable Script Links” is enabled.  Now, middle button click the side of the Scripts Window,  and do a Split Area.  In you're new area, make the Window Type 3D View.  Now, in you're 3D view, you should see a Blender2Crystal Overlay.  Have fun. :)


THIS IS GREAT…Thank you very very much

Finally I got it to work, you only left out one last thing to see the overlay.
Then click in the 3D window “View”->“Space Handler Scripts”->“Event:”.

Never mind I fixed it.

Yea I as getting the same error but after starting from scratch I even removed Blender the plugin works. Now CS is another story I still fail at getting it to work. I wish there were a Blender Crystal Space Thread here.

i am getting an python script error when i am trying to export

dont try and resurrect old threads, its hopeless xD

Here is a link to a tutorial I made to build the very last version of CS and CEL under windows form using b2cs with .blend files from the CrystalSpace version of Yo Frankie! (apricot project) :

Ok. so your tutorial works…but now what. i dont really know anything about blender 2 Crystal i know that the apricot project used it…but thats about it…

Same here.