blender3d and Java3d

(iamamoocow) #1

I want to use an object I made in Blender in a Java program (that I’m making using Java3d)

Has anyone done this?

I’ve tried using both VRML and DXF, and I really can’t tell if it’s java’s loaders or Blender’s savers.

If anyone out there has had success with this endeavour, could you let us know what you did. that Java loaders page is



(Jamesk) #2

I haven’t tested it yet, but something that usually works in other contexts is to initially load the Blender DXF or VRML in another 3D app or 3D file converter and then resave it from there. You’ll get another “interpretation” of the mesh data that might be more compatible with the target application, be it J3D or anything else…