is reopen

(zaltros) #1


(Timothy) #2

I can’t connect to it

(dmoc) #3

Me neither.

Kib - what is the time-out on connections to Elysiun? Can it be increased? It seems I go away for 10mins and I’m kicked out already :-?

(Timothy) #4

time out is 5 minutes, but I think this is a long enough time out though. IF you want to prevent having to login everytime you could set a cookie.

(overextrude) #5

I would like to respectfully disagree. Thoughtful responses often take longer than five minutes (and I assume this would be your preference over mindless drivel).

(dmoc) #6

No, I couldn’t set a cookie. I have designed web sites and there is rarely a real need for them so I accept as few as possible. So sorry, Elysiun does not qualify just because you decide to set a rediculously low timeout. I would be more diplomatic but 5 mins doesn’t allow me enough time :-?

(Timothy) #7

almost every forum I’ve been to uses the 5minute timeout though. This is the first time I ever here anyone complaign about it.

so I am not sure what I should do about this yet

(dmoc) #8

Funnily enough this is the only forum I use that does kick you off so soon. On others your connected until you log out. But hey! here we go again, criticise Elysium and you are immediately in the wrong! Come on Theeth you must be eager to jump in by now :wink:

(theeth) #9

It never unlogged me. Then again, that must be the cookie…

Dmoc: ah ah, you’re very funny


(dmoc) #10

Sorry if it seems I’m being sarcastic, must be the time of night and a long day. But seriously, originally I did accept cookies from this forum and ended up with 2 dozen, no kidding. I run a business so I have to be extremely careful.

(Timothy) #11

dmoc there isn’t a single forum which logs you out when you actually log out.
every single one of them do it with somekind of time based (usually 5 minutes) system.

The way it works: there is a database table with all the ‘sessions’ in them with a time when the user was last seen, and some other information (like the posts he visited). Now on each page load the forum checks if there are any users which haven’t been seen for the past 5 minutes. If this is the case it will delete the session information. And thus you will need to generate a new session with a new SID (session ID).

Can I ask you,… when you are browsing the forums do the urls have a value like: &sid=4763274672364872346 (or something like that in it?
or rather could you please paste the url you have for this page here?

Can I also ask you which browser you are using? because it’s not normal that so many cookies are set. 3 cookies should be set at most.


(dmoc) #12

The other most often visited site is Blitz Basic ( site but I do accept a cookie for that site. I have recently been going to (great site, highly recommend it), also no problem but then it uses frames (Blitz site also uses frames). No, I’m not suggesting using frames. I am happy enough to accept per session cookies and tomorrow I give this site another go with cookies accepted and let you know the count. I’m using IE 5.5 on this machine and a slightly later version on the other (currently switched off but I’ll check that one tomorrow as well). To save time, it’s no good suggesting upgrading as I need these (and others) for compatability testing. I juggling half a dozen machines but only two most of the time, so I’ll try and be more specific tomorrow.

(imatthew) #13

Not only that but you lose your post when you get booted off. It really sucks if you don’t post very often. You spend 10 minutes trying to make a clear concise statement and it is all lost because you went over the 5 minute limit.

I log in at work and don’t think it is a good idea to use a cookie.

(Pooba) #14

What’s so bad about using a fliping cookie?! I never have to re-log in because I have sign in automatically, It’s not like Kib will use your cookie to hack into your computer! Why isn’t there a roll eyes smily?


(Timothy) #15

some of the ads want to set cookies aswell,… I can’t prevent them from trying. However you can prevent them from setting.

one cookie stores contains your userid and password, however the password is the md5checsum so it’s secure.

(dmoc) #16

We all know the gif tricks… I checked, yes one cookie from Elysiun and, wait for it… 128 gifs (so far) from your sodding banner ( And that is only the ones I have tracked down so far as originating from/ via this site.

(overextrude) #17

Kib…I wasn’t aiming to start a flame war, so I apologize. Just the same, here’s something to consider- Why not tailor the forum to your AUDIENCE? What it boils down to is a design principle, and whether the current implementation is more of a help or a hindrance. With respect to my own personal use of the forums, a five-minute window is more of a hindrance.

(saluk) #18

If you do most of your posts from work or school or public computers somewhere, cookies are not a good idea because just anyone who uses the computer can just log in as you.

5 minutes works for me though, but it can be a bit too short sometimes.