Blender3D FPS

This is my first attempt at a FPS for Blender3D. I know some of the textures aren’t amazing lol but I’ll be fixing that soon. One problem I am experiencing is that when I change scenes in the game, the gun no longer fires (i’m using a FPS template). Any help on that would be much appreciated. Please download the game, test it out, and post your comments! Use ‘W’, ‘D’,‘S’ and ‘A’ to move, mouse to look around, left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to zoom, ‘R’ to reload and ‘Z’ to crouch.

Can you upload it to
RapidShare is currently not allowing me to download because the server is full.

No problem, here’s the link:

It is made pretty well. Will you continue working on it?
In my signature is my game project ActionLife. Games are hard to make.
I don’t know anything about your skills. Will you use Blender a lot more for games? Because you only got 2 posts.
I’m still a beginner, at least that’s what I think.

I looked at your game, it looks pretty cool, good luck with it’s development. I have been using Blender for the past 2 years and have just recently started getting involved with the Blender community. I am determined to produce something of some quality with this game :D, so I may be working on it for a year.

Got Some Screenshots uploaded, enjoy and please comment :smiley:


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What Blender verson are you using? I know I have a really bugged computer but it ran 18 fps for me. The fps are not that bad but the grafics don’t seem to be supported on my grafic card. Pictures are below.

Maybe he forgot to pack the files?

I know this has happen to me once before… I think it was in the water tutoral?

I am using Blender 2.43. I tried the game on another computer that did not have any of the files associated with the game and it ran perfectly.

Nice start. Is the target in the demo supposed to do something when you shoot it because I can’t get it to do anything.

lol sorry not yet, this was just a visual demo basically, the missions are not coded yet. My next release will have a scoring system for when you hit the target and probably have mission two finished. I am also working on some basic character animations so that you can see your legs when you walk, crouch and jump and also see your hand holding the gun.

I had an idea for the game and think that it could be accomplished through Python. I’m thinking of building a portal gun that allows you to create a portal in front of you and then one somewhere else in the level. You could then step through your first portal and be transported to the second one. What do you think and would I be able to do this with Blender?

Yes it is possible… Though I cannot say exactly how…

I’m also not sure how to do it but I do have a fozzy theory:

  1. create a plane(portal)
  2. let the gun use it as an add object file
  3. create another object(teleport goal)
  4. let the player be transfered from the portal to the goal

I’m not sure how to accomplish #4. Maybe Social can help you.

(I think shouting doesn’t help, I don’t know or he takes PM’s he seems to know a lot about GameBlenderPython. But he also comments a lot on overexited noobs. I started my ActionLife thread in a bad way, the comments ran all over me saying that I had to fix a lot of things I wrote. I later on also knew I was to overexited. Now it’s going better. But since I’m not being overexited anymore, I don’t hear a thing of Social in my thread. :slight_smile: )

Yes, use python. I don’t want to write the script for you here, but you would use .setLocation() (do a search). Thus, when your character ran into the portal, it would set the location of your character to another object’s location or to global coordinates (I think).

I’m not trying to be condemning here, but unless have any scripting experience, you probably shouldn’t be trying this. If you can understand it, by all means, pursue it! Otherwise, just focus on some different aspects of your game right now.

Good luck, and you have a good start!


My idea of the script was to grab the X,Y,Z of the second portal and when a collision was detected with the player and the first portal, the player would be sent to the X,Y,Z that was collected. Oh and by the way, I’ve been programming for 4 years on a variety of platforms, so it shouldn’t prove to difficult :). I’m about to complete level 2 of the game, an underground Aztec ruins site thats been dug up. You start out in an elevator ride that sways back and forth, the door creaks open, and you find yourself in a blood stained hallway leading to the site of the Aztec ruins (kinda of going for a futuristic Sci-Fi horror FPS). Only problem I’m running into on level 2 is Blender’s low draw distance.

As far a the viewing distance, simply select your camera, go to edit buttons, and increase the distance text field. Good to hear you know some scripting! In that case, do a search for .setLocation() (or something similar) and you should be able to find someone’s script that you could study.


Thanks never knew about the draw distance (probably noticed it someday and forgot about it :slight_smile: ) I’ve completed level 2 (underground aztec ruins) and have uploaded some screens, check them out. Not going to be uploading a demo for awhile, want to build the portal gun first. If anyone wants to give a hand with the game, please PM me.

Major things to do before next demo release:
1)Build Portal gun
2)Figure out how to fix problem where gun doesn’t fire in level 2
3)Build creatures
4)A.I. scripts


The problem was that you didn’t put the trigger sensors properly. There are some cubes which move with an ipo so that the gun doesn’t get crazy… And a detector detects the trigger object via a ray sensor.