Blender3D - Game Engine Question


I was searching over the website, but couldn’t find what is included in the Blender3D Game Engine. Items such as 3D Terrain Rendering, Particle System… Rotation… etc… basic Programming development.


  • HistoryGuy

The Blender3D game engine support not that much features. It support the main things like, lightning, collision detection and such. But with some knowledge of Python programming which is really easy, you can program your own networking code, particle system, terrain renderer, level of detail, object culling, ai, and much much more :slight_smile:

The Blender game engine is a game engine to start you right away to make games. But when you feel to do more and in the time you get more experienced you can discover the possibility to yse Python programming to write your own scripts, modules and lot more.

Ofcourse if you get even further, you can hack on the source and make your own features hardcoded in it, like Dreamkatana and Snailrose do. :smiley:

Btw, good job Dreamkatana and Snailrose for adding those amazing features to unofficial game engine build.