Blender3D - High-polygonal Modeling Questions


This is about my sixth month of getting into Blender3D, I pretty much have the basics down and can model mostly anything using block / cubic extrusion. However, I want to try something different… high-polygonal modeling with curves… and / or subdivisions.

I’ve taken a look at the subdivision tuts, but they use pretty much the same block / cubic extrusion method I do, but in the end alter its shape by using the subdivision feature. Now that’s over with, here are my questions:

1.) Is it possible to draw a curve in Blender3D [using 2.40] by placing vertices to create a line in the 3D view port?

2.) If not, what new tutorials are available to do high-polygonal character modeling?


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  1. Yes you can do that with Blender.

  2. This tutorial is not for Blender
    but it still can be done with Blender.

@ JDA - Hows about telling him how?

Ctrl+LMB (left mouse button) in 3D window. Note that since you can only see in two direcitons at any one time in the 3D window, the added verts will be snapped to the cursor’s position in the 3rd dimension.


Lol – excactly what do I need to select when I have ctrl-LMB?



and Thanks for the Tut!

First, I’d like to say that I am not a great teacher.
But, to get you started:

OK, I notice that in 2.40, unless you have an Object selected, you cannot enter into Edit mode. RMB select an object in your scene(like a cube or something…not a camera or lamp). If you don’t have an object, you can get on easy by :

-hitting the Spacebar and
-Goto Add-> Mesh->[pick any object from the list]
-let’s say you picked a simple Plane object
-After doing that, you should automaticly be in Editmode
-if not, now that you have an object in your scene, you should have Editmode available to you. you can hit Tab key, or at the bottom edge of the 3D window, you should see View- Select- Mesh- and a pull-down menu. you can select Editmode there.
-in editmode is where you have access to the data such as Faces, Edges, Vertices.

Here is where the Blender manual is really cool, because after you go through a few chapters, you’ll really get the hang of basic mesh tools.

In editmode, if there is any geometry you want to remove, hit the “A” key and that selects them. hit the “X” key and that delects it(hit Enter to confirm at the pop ups, or wiggle mouse away or hit Esc key to cancel operation).

Now you can Ctrl+LMB to place vertices. They are conected by an edge as you click along while holding Ctrl.

Laurifer is actually an awesome teacher. She says that the points you add will snap to the cursor in the 3rd dimension. by creating a couple of 3D views like a “Front view”(1 number pad key), and a “Left side view”(3 mumber pad key), you can then Ctrl+LMB a point(s) in one view and switch views to add or move them in other dimentions from other views. Or by hitting the Ctrl+spacebar and pick a manipulator and use that to move them around.

I actually should have just pointed you to the Blender manual come to think about it, as it is much better at explaining it than I am.

Here are a couple of links, and the people here are very helpful. But do refer to the manual, it is actually very cool.

This one has a little more relating to 2.40

I hope I have not been to “Wordy”, and hope this helps

take care


I removed the url brackets and hope the links work now. The Blender documentation vol I is a little dated but is some of the best graphics documentation I've read. The mediawiki site seems to be picking up well on the current new features. Most of the old functionaly applies to 2.40. It's a wiki, so mabe you could compare and make parenthisis where things changed in the new docs. (My techwritting skills are at a lull at the 


Those links doesn’t work.


Yes they do, take off the from the end…